Am. Can. CH. Paquestone's 
Golden Girl d Tany

MBISS Am. GCH Can. CH. Daynakin's Soulja Boy X
Can. CH. Carlotta We NV U

Gizella's owned byJacqueline Wright and co-owned with Raymond Goldstone. 

Can. CH. Paquestone's Golden Girl Di Tany "Gizella" is a lively female who lives with a sassy chihuahua and 2 ragdoll cats. She is the best of both worlds as she can entertain everyone in the room, or turn on the glam and charm. She is also quite cunning and is putting her intelligence to good use by learning tracking and obedience. Her favourite past time is going for long walks on the beach and snuggling in bed. 

Gizella finished her Can. CH in limited showing - so quickly in fact that her owners didn't even realize it!

We are hoping to breed her soon.