Raymond R. Goldstone

      I am a licensed judge of the "Working Group" and the "Non-
Sporting Group".  And  am on permit for breeds in the "Sporting Group", at this time. I retired from owing my own Flower Shop in November 2010.  What a treat it is not to have to worry about working any longer!!

    Paquestone Great Danes began in the 1970's by my partner Ray Paquette (deceased) and myself. Through the years, we worked with a number of people to build and maintain a quality breeding program to produce sound and correct Great Danes with excellent temperaments. Throughout the years, I have taken care to test for inherited diseases and use only healthy breeding stock. 

     I am located in the South Surrey area of British Columbia, just outside Vancouver. I have a small acreage with room for the Danes to run, and a small kennel building although all of my dogs are house dogs who sleep in the family room or in my bedroom and watch TV with me on the couch.

Can. Ch. Paquestone's Aston Von Raes
My first Champion Great Dane, born in 1977. 
Sire of Canadian and American Champions.


Looking for a Puppy? 

    Upcoming breeding plans are outlined on the "Upcoming Litters" or "In the litter box" page. Puppies are guaranteed for one year to be free from genetic defects, with a written contract. 

    I am only prepared to place my puppies with owners who demonstrate a strong interest and capacity to provide a lifetime commitment to one of these special dogs. 

    I normally breed only one litter per year, sometimes not even that. Occasionally there are larger litters and more puppies available. This year (2019) We expect to have 2 litters. I have 2 "Quality" bitches that will be bred in the Spring/Summer , depending on their life cycles. Look on the "Bitch" page, we are hoping that our girls Jewell and Gizella will be bred.

BISS Can. Ch. & Am. Ch. Paquestone N Zaniri's Piper
Owned with Laureen & Joanne Kinney and always shown by Sandra Duncan.
Buddy and Jewell (father and daughter)